Tree falling on my foot means a trip to the Podiatrist

podiatrist CheltenhamPersonally I had never been inside a podiatrists office in my life. For all the years I had been alive I had managed to keep my feet free from problems. I’d never hurt myself bad enough to require a foot specialist, until recently that is. Let me put it this way, don’t try to cut down a tree on your own, it only leads to disaster. I decided to try and save some money by hacking down a troublesome tree in my front yard. It was growing dangerously close to the power lines and had dropped branches on the front lawn more than once. I wasn’t sure if the root system was stable enough to withstand a strong breeze, the tree was ancient. The tree was massive but I was confident I could hack a few of the bigger branches down myself. I climbed up a ladder with a large saw strapped to my back. It was tough work, it took me about half an hour to cut through one of the bigger branches. I didn’t want it to crash to the ground so I tried to gently lower it, turns out tree branches are heavier than they appear. The weight of the branch pulled me down off the ladder and crashing to the ground. The branch landed on my foot which caused me to yell a few of my favourite words. I know in hindsight how crazy it was to try and cut down the tree on my own. It was dumb of me not to get professional tree removal in Melbourne. It’ll probably cost me more in medical bills than it would have to just pay the tree lopping guys to do the job. It was foolish of me to try and lift that branch, I could have been seriously hurt I had fallen on my head. I hobbled back inside and looked up a foot clinic and a team who does tree branch trimming around Melbourne. I would have to leave the big branch on my lawn because there was no way I was going to try and tackle it again on my own.

Usually I was proud of the fact that I was a careful person. I had to eat a big old slice of humble pie as I stepped through the doors of Cheltenham podiatry. The first thing that struck me about the clinic was the relaxing colours on the walls. The place seemed very relaxing and peaceful which is exactly what I needed at the time.I felt instantly calmed and incredibly comforted by the receptionist. The pain in my foot was really starting to bother me, it was really starting to distract me. I told the receptionist that I wasn’t feeling well and she asked me if I wanted to lay down which I thought was really kind. The foot doctor was in with a patient but didn’t take long to call my name. It gave me plenty of time to catch up on gossip magazines from five years ago. I couldn’t help wondering what the podiatrist would be like. I’m glad I had decided to get help with my foot from the foot specialist in Cheltenham. I wouldn’t have been able to continue going about my life with a cramped foot. The podiatrist wrapped my foot and told me that I would probably need treatment for a few weeks before I would be totally pain free. I will never do anything as crazy as try and cut down a tree on my own again.