Tinting, My Greatest Fear

decorative window tintingI’m so glad that I live in a time when you never have to leave your house. It’s true as well: you literally NEVER have to leave. If I was one of those people with a phobia of wide-open spaces (more on them later), then I could just get groceries sent right to my door. Pay your bills, don’t claim for any government freebies (because then you’d have to go to the unemployment office), and you’re absolutely golden. Oh, and working from home is helpful as well. Or having a massive inheritance.

Anyway, this is how I’m able to attend my ‘Dealing With Phobias’ group therapy session; one of the guys has a fear of the outdoors, so we all get to beam in via the internet. Personally, I’m looking to get over my fear of windows, with a special focus this week on commercial decorative window tinting…for obvious reasons. The only thing worse than regular windows are windows that aren’t see-through. Of course, I have nothing AGAINST tinted windows, commercial tinting and anyone who does tinting in Australia. That’s just how phobias work: it’s irrational and you wish you could just get rid of it, because you’re aware that it makes no real sense. Just last week, Yelena was talking about how she actually really loves rats, but can’t stand to be near them because they just cause her irrational terror. Truly curious, is the human psyche.

Our psychiatrist has suggested a bit of practical therapy for me would be to go into the city, find somewhere with some heavily tinted windows- like, one of those skyscrapers that looks like it’s MADE of tinted glass- and see how close I can get. I can measure my progress, steadily get closer over time, and have a proper metric of how I’m doing. And then, maybe one day…I can stand to have a bit of tinted glass in my home. Like, that’s fine for now. Not sure how I feel about actually walking into a building in Melbourne, commercially tinted windows as far as the eye can see. Maybe that’s a few dozen e-sessions ahead.