The Toolbox of Prompting

toolsI’ll remember this day for a long time. Probably forever. Or rather, it was a few moments that really made the whole thing, because otherwise it was just average. Had cornflakes for breakfast because we were out of toast, went to work, steak for dinner was a little bit burned. But none of that matters, because now I know what I’d like to with the rest of my life. And that…is fix cars in the Northern regions of India!

So I work as a mechanic- or rather, I used to work as a mechanic. We were working on a particularly well-equipped ute, with under body boxes, roof racks and bars…it was a big job, because there was so much to work on. Looks like the person driving went for quite a trip, so the tires were pretty worn out and the equipment just wasn’t up to scratch. Maybe they overloaded, I don’t know. Still, the aluminium ute canopy held up pretty well. Those pretty much never get damaged unless you really want them to be.

So here we were, doing some work on this tricked-out ute with all the gadgets, when the owner walked up to the car and started unloading the boot. He had an aluminium toolbox in there, along with a few other tools, but the one that caught my attention was the lock on the toolbox. It wasn’t a padlock, or anything like that. Not a combination lock either. In fact, it looks pretty high tech to be latched to a metal box. I asked him about it, and he said it was central locking. Yep, you can get toolbox central locking now. I guess with all the expensive stuff that goes on in there, you’d really need to keep things safe. So we finished the job, he drove his ute away, and I suddenly realised that I didn’t fit in this high-tech society. I never have, like I’m in the wrong generation. Tool box central locking? It’s alien to me. I need to go somewhere not quite so advanced, but somewhere that still has cars. Naturally, Norther India was the only option. Bit of a swerve, I know, but when you know, you know…y’know?