The Greatest Renovation Trade-Off

kitchen renovationsHere I am, weeks after ‘The Great Australian Trade-Off has wrapped up, and I’ve already watched the whole series twice again. I’ve also watched the comedy panel/interview post-show, where they get the eliminated contestant on to talk about what went wrong, and I have watched it in its entirety. Twice. And now I’m on Me-Straw, watching a fan-made edit of all the best bits that looks like it was made in Windows Movie Maker. I cannot escape this show. It makes me want to grab a hammer and start renovating my kitchen, NOW.

And there are designers in Melbourne planning kitchen renovations, so I really shouldn’t attempt any big projects just because I saw it on TV. Like, I’m not just going to be really good at laundry design overnight, because I saw a show where someone did it as part of a challenge. And the thing is, people sometimes did really badly on the show, hence why they got kicked out. The point of the whole thing was that they WEREN’T professionals, and thus had to work things out by themselves. I’m not great with my hands; I mostly just wish I was. So I’d probably last all of half a challenge on an episode of the Trade-Off. I’d get flustered during the design phase of a kitchen renovation, probably have a bit of a breakdown and then be removed from the Trade-Off tent in disgrace. People would be very nice about the whole thing, except on social media when people would be just awful.

Hmm. I think kitchen design and renovation is best left to the folks who actually know their stuff. Reality TV might give you the urges to get up and do something, but one should take all those urges with a pinch of salt. Renovations and design take skill. That is, more skill than one can acquire watching amateurs perform the act on television, no matter how many episodes, recaps and highlights they watch.