The Choosing of the Office Mascot

animal hospital MoorabinI’ve said for AGES that we need a mascot. Not just a cartoon character, but an actual, live animal that’ll represent the values of our company: namely, curiosity, loyalty and a general chilled attitude towards problems. You may think I’m talking about a dog, but that could fit a lot of bills. Cats are curious; so much so that it kills them, sometimes. Rats- FANCY rats, that is- can be fun, although maybe not as mascots. And that’s not even considering all the exotic pets that’d give us that…exotic air.

I asked Politics and he said that it was ‘utterly out of the question’, so there’s a pretty good chance of me convincing him. Precedent just shrugged and went back to his computer stuff, and Justice said that she’s actually BEEN to a pet hospital in Moorabbin recently, and they got in these super cute mongrel puppies. Yeah, like, some garbage human dumped them at the doorstop of a care home, and they’re just being checked over for any health problems. I asked Justice why she was at the pet hospital, and she says she ‘just likes to visit sometimes’.

Alright then. Still, as sincere as I was about our mascot not necessarily being a dog, I have to admit that they do represent us. Dogs sniff out scents and clues…just like us. They’re loyal, just like us. They encourage a healthy workplace environment, just like us!

Just imagine how healthy the workplace environment is at a pet hospital. Just dogs for days, every day, making everyone happy, except when they’re sick and that’s a bit sad, but still. Dogs soldier on through all conditions…just like us!

That’s it. Trip to Moorabbin, animal hospital, after work, the WHOLE office. If the puppies are all healthy and they let us see them, that is…I know a hospital isn’t an adoption centre. Still, Justice could pull a few strings for our important Office Choosing of the Mascot Who We Will All Love and Cherish Forever.

The office just across from us has a dog, you know. Where’s ours??