Talkin’ ‘Bout Toolboxes

uteThere’s not much to say on the subject of toolboxes. I mean, after a while you just…run out of things to say.

This is for the conference, obviously. There’s a big handyman type thing happening in Sydney, and I’m one of the guest speakers. I have to talk about ways to store your tools and how you can be doing it more efficiently. Thing is…it’s just something I’ve always done. How do you make that interesting? Telling quirky Melbourne aluminium toolbox jokes and anecdotes? I’ll have to start off with an anecdote, obviously…it’s what all the good speakers do. But after that, I’m afraid of collapsing into waffle.

There’s just nothing to it. I’ve never even been particularly strict about what goes where, so for me to get up in front of thousands of people who do the same job and tell them how to arrange their tools is a bit hypocritical. What do I know? Well, there’s the basics. Electrical tools always have to be disconnected before being placed back into their holders. Keep the sharp tools separate. Don’t mix up your screwdriver types, because it makes things a pain on the job. But these are all the basics of the basics. Maybe that’s what I should call my talk: “Roger’s talk on all that stuff you might have forgotten, so here’s all that again”. But it’ll sound condescending to all the people who do remember…which will be most of them.

I think I just need to play along. Acknowledge at the start that they already know this stuff, and that I’m just the messenger. There will be a few beginners, and they can’t tell their gas bottle holders from their aluminium trays. Melbourne will always be full of new people. Or maybe I could teach the veterans HOW to teach the new people! Now, that’s not such a bad spin…