Put Down the Hair-Dryer

industrial solarHair dryers. Need they have a point? Your hair just tends to dry by itself anyway, so really, the entire problem is society’s perception of wet hair. Imagine living in a world where you can get on the train with wet hair, all flat and shiny, and nobody would even glance at you twice because they already understand that you’re hair is just drying. And when you get to the place you’re going, you’re going to do something about it. Unless the wet look is just your style, or you’re starring in a horror movie.

And thus, we would save so much energy and not have to pay as much. I’m always looking for ways to save money, which is why I just let my hair dry naturally on the way to work and brush it once I get there. Easy, simple…and we could all stand to learn something from industrial energy monitoring methods. We have it at work, and I think it’s pretty great. Everyone was complaining when their gadget useage got limited, particularly Janine because she was married to her hair appliances. She’d shave off half an hour of work time easily every single day, just by coming to work all bedraggled, drying her hair (which is pretty loud for the people around her), straightening it with her wand, then using her phone screen as a makeshift mirror for styling. No kidding; she had so much stuff plugged in she has to use a power-board for her computer. No shame at all.

We need to be more careful about how we use energy. The world depends on it. I’m all for industrial solar being brought in as an option, but at the same time, it’s on us to cut back on luxuries. My hair dries just fine on the train, thanks very much. And amazingly, if you charge your phone BEFORE work, it usually lasts until the end of the day. Pro tip!