Power, for the Great Toaster Oven

industrial energy storageI don’t NEED  a toaster oven, it’s true. But the fact still remains that I WANT a toaster oven, and that’s by far the most important thing. Here I am, thinking that either toasters or ovens were the only option when heating something up. How foolish I was! As it turns out, some bright person combined the two into one mighty appliance, and thus the toaster oven was born. The master of all. The jack of all stats. The great one, for which there is no competition.

But we’re not allowed one in the office…because of ‘energy concerns’. What use are your concerns when someone’s burrito might be going uncooked? And surely, the gas used by the oven is far greater. Apparently, the rise of commercial energy monitoring has lead to us being more energy-conscious as a company, thus meaning that we can’t all bring our appliances into the office like we used to. Yes…I’ve heard of such things. People having their hair dryers banned. People only allowed one computer screen, like we’re back in the dark ages. Such a cruel and cold world we now live in, where commercial energy storage reigns supreme and stops people from bringing in their toaster ovens.

Perhaps this is a trial. These things are sent to try us, as they say…and maybe if society collapses, it won’t be such a bad thing. I’ll have to figure out new ways to cook things eventually, especially with civilisation reduced to ash and the only real sustenance being mutated possum. And then if industrial energy storage is really as good as they say, it’ll be the only power we have left.

Okay, I love energy storage now. But still, I reckon it won’t accelerate the fall of mankind THAT much if I want to heat up my burrito evenly at work.