Great Windows for Staring

residential glass replacementSometimes I just like to look out the window, for hours, and pretend it’s the most boring movie ever. Or one of those artistic live camera pieces where people are expected to watch the world go by and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at something that a four-year-old could’ve set up, if they were old enough to know how to be pretentious.

What is it about windows that fascinates me so? If it wasn’t there, and was just a hole in the wall, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Maybe because people could definitely hear me making comments about them as they walk past. Oh, I made sure my residential glazing was of an excellent quality; it had to be for my hobby to continue. Can’t have glaziers using cheap bits of glass that are thin as vanilla wafers.

Just yesterday I was having one of my staring session when I saw that lady with the massive dog walking it down the road. It really is a monster- like one of those big, boofy ones they use to find people lost on mountains- and it’s less of her taking IT for a walk and more it taking her for a ride, so plenty of excellent entertainment value all around. Obviously I had to give a running commentary on how it was all going, particularly when she caught a heel on one of those sewer grates (who wears heels for dog walking?) and went flying. What a wonderful giggle. Fortunately I’m on the top floor so I can commentate without any fear of being heard. Oh, and it was windy. So…there’s that.

I’m thinking of contacting a glazier in Melbourne and seeing if there can’t be any extra glazing added to my special staring window. You have to spend money on your hobbies; that’s what they say. I’m thinking quadruple glazing, perhaps a bit of a tint…whatever else. I mean, I’d buy a TV but surfing channels sounds like way too much hassle. And THIS show is on all the time.