Blocked drains can’t ruin my day

blocked drain MelbourneI had noticed the other day that there was something wrong with my plumbing in the bathroom. I work about fifty hours a week and am rarely home, so the problem could have been happening for a while. The sinks just weren’t draining the way they should. The only reason I had noticed was the other day as I rushed out the door I saw that the water had built up in the bathroom sink. The last thing I wanted to see after a big, exhausting day at work is remnants of toothpaste floating around the sink, in water that has clearly been sitting in the skin all day. I didn’t have time to do anything about it that night. The next morning when I got up for work I saw there was still water sitting in the sink. Admittedly the water level had gone down a fraction since the previous day, but not enough. I used the kitchen sink to brush my teeth and ran out the door.

That night I got home and the bathroom sink still had not drained. This frustrated me more than it should have. After a small tantrum I jumped online and looked for someone who could help with my blocked drains. Melbourne, thankfully, is full of skilled tradies you can trust in a blocked drain emergency. I had never had to deal with a plumber before and didn’t really know where to start. Being after 10pm I couldn’t just call a company and arrange a time, but I did manage to work out that a blocked sewer was the problem. I took down the details for company that does call out drain unblocking in Melbourne and stuck the piece of paper on the fridge.

The following day at work I asked my colleagues if they knew any good drainage contractors in Melbourne. I was recommended a local plumber and arranged for them to have a look at my sink as soon as possible. I spoke with my boss and organised to work from home the next day so I could let the plumbers through, he was surprisingly cool about it. The plumbers came and went in no time, they were professional and curious. They had managed to unblock the drain faster than I expected and the sink was back to draining as normal. I managed to get more work done at home than I usually do at the office. All round, the day was a success. 8/10