Arch supports are a must

arch supports CheltenhamI tend to get very nervous in social situations like this, and I don’t like to talk to people that are strangers. I escape with the help of my music, which is why I’m wearing headphones, but I know that I must go and speak to the team at podiatrist in Cheltenham. They are the best, according to my coach, and he sends all of his players with feet problems there. He said that I needed to see them sooner rather than later, so he booked me an appointment. It’s 10 minutes until I’m supposed to see them, and I’m still a bit nervous. My whole career in football could be over.  I’m going to wait for another 5 minutes and then go in. I want to be there early, early is on time. Being late is unacceptable, that’s what my father always said.

I don’t want to be unacceptable, I respect the podiatrist so I’ll go in there now. My feet still hurt, and it’s been more than a week since the incident. I just want the pain to go away, so I’ll see what they can do. I main reason I called up the podiatrist’s office and booked an appointment was so that I can get rid of the pain. It seems like the pain is getting worse and worse by the day, like it knows it doesn’t’ have long left in this world.  My stupid feet want to get all the pain out as quickly as they can. I don’t like angry feet, if that is such a thing. I just need to know if the damage I’ve done is going to sideline me for a season. I can’t handle the waiting, I just want to know. I shouldn’t have played that last game, I didn’t strap my feet up and paid the price. I should know better than to forget to put in my arch supports, Cheltenham podiatrists are going to give me a much deserved lecture.